Why MacProcess?

An app running on an Apple platform can only be build from a Mac.
We are expert of this process. As you can see, this name is logical and powerful :-)
You will find here the right answers to your questions and needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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MacProcess company was created in 2014. We moved from California to Oregon in 2015. Most of the team have 15 years of experience of all Apple Platforms.
Very simple. There are two ways. Use the contact form to send a request or create an account and send a support request. Describe your projects with as many details as possible. We usually reply in less than 24 hours. If you want, we can sign a confidential NDA before this process.
For any big project, we request a 50% down-payment before the start. It's a way to show us that you are serious and it's a way for us to cover the risk and the cost of a project. Trust is important in a business relationship so it's also a way for us to avoid weird companies or projects.
Sorry, we only support Apple platforms. Making cross-platform apps is always a nightmare for developers and a source of huge problems. We want to offer to users the best user experience. Only Apple platforms provides it.
We are always ready and open to innovation. If you have a special need or ideas of improvements for our website, feel free to share it with us
Sorry, at this time it's not possible. We prefer to communicate from our website and our powerful helpdesk. It's a way to keep an history of all discussions